The Creative Director of Your Samples Collective, Daniel Peters, shares some of the trials and tribulations that come with launching a new menswear brand.

There is a desire - well at least in my own head - that when you develop a brand or business and put it out there into the big wide world that it should be perfect from the get go, and until that point of perfection, you lock it in an ivory tower destined to live a life of solitude. 

Throughout the process of developing Your Samples Collective I have been fixated on not putting things in front of an audience until they are precise, worrying about perception and how it is viewed alongside my competitors, but I've slowly come to realise that everything I'm crafting now will evolve over time and get better like those good bottles of wine that I like to drink!

"It's been an incredible journey crafting alongside mainly U.K. based businesses"

But back to that ivory tower for a moment...Having previously set up a menswear retail business which failed because of poor judgement and depression, I was cautious to step into a newly assumed role of “designer” and creative director for a business that I had long dreamt of running. I had the vision, and some of the knowledge, but I wondered whether that would be enough to make something a reality that people would part with their hard earned money for.

I set about gathering what I needed to create a ready to wear brand that would serve my own personal need for durable, affordable, attainable and protective product that also looked good, and the two year process has thrown challenges in the form of money woes, scheduling delays and so on that have resulted in my first collection being later to the table than I had planned for.

It’s been an incredible journey crafting alongside mainly UK based businesses these past two years, from our east London based pattern cutter, through to our North London workforce who manufacture our coats. Each touch-point establishing our mission to only work with E.U. companies.

As August rolls out of the calendar months and we draw close to autumn, I’m feeling waves of excitement, nervousness, but ultimately an immense sense of pride to have made it to this point of having a product (actually products) which I am happy with. They have my signature style embedded within each of them, and have so far been receiving compliments for the finish, details and considerations.

Anyway, I'll let you be the judge, and I'll continue to post about my journey of launching and running a brand, along with other topics that peak my interest.


Daniel Peters - YSC Creative Director 

Images @ John Kitchin