We wouldn’t put toxins into our bodies, so why put them onto our bodies instead?

Seems simple, right, but since setting up shop it’s become increasingly clear how many fabric options are substandard because of the way the base fibres are grown, harvested and turned into the end result.

We’re committed to using organically grown cotton, waterproof fabrics without harmful PFC’s, mills which used recycled fibres and deadstock fabrics in a bid to remove ourselves from a repetitive cycle that doesn’t do any of us any good. 

Our partnerships with mills in Italy, Portugal and the UK are helping us to challenge age old ideals of how fabrics have previously been produced, and we aim to do better every year.



Since day one we’ve been committed to ONLY working with factories, mills and manufacturers within the E.U to produce our collections (sod Brexit) because we know exactly what we’re getting as an end result. 

Whilst the production costs might be slightly higher because of our limited run of products, we end up with quality garments that are fairly priced and not inflated because of ego or to line our pockets.

From Tottenham to Enfield and right through to Italy, we work with an incredible team of skilled machinists, cutters and crafters who work in ethical environments that don’t compromise their health.


Trans-seasonal Products

A trans-seasonal coat offering was something that we felt was important from the get go, and the Everyday Coat range delivers a mid-weight solution that allows you layer up or down throughout the year, no matter where you are in the world (not advised for wear in the Caribbean)

We will be introducing a range of colours based on demand, each style available at an affordable price point, and we hope that you’ll agree like those who already own a piece from the Everyday Coat range
that we’re onto a winner. 


Minimising Waste

Whilst we want as many people across the world to be wearing Your Samples Collective, we don’t want to over produce, because, well...there’s just no point and landfill is a growing global concern. 

So, in a bid to cut back, we’ll continue to make a majority of our products in limited runs, and we’ll be introducing a pre order system and staggered payment services on exclusive pieces.