Green Garment Care

No pun intended, but green garment care is less wishy washy than it sounds. 

There are always ways to minimise the chemicals that we put back into the water and air, and this can be done at home or at an eco friendly dry cleaners for specialist items.

We aren’t exactly about to tell you to hand wash all of your products, but switching to a cold setting and using detergents which are biodegradable will extend the life of your clothes, and also cut back on chemicals.

And when you can’t care for your products at home, our recommendation would be to head to the tried and tested The Steam Room in Haggerston, London, which provides an affordable green cleaning solution.


Repair & Re-wear

A coat is for life and not just for a season, so in the unlikely event that your YSC outerwear purchase is damaged, we will do our best to help you in extending its life cycle by offering complimentary repairs.

There will of course be some exclusions, but send us a picture of the damage to and we’ll endeavour to fix the problem.